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Everything about

What is is a logo builder that helps business founders create professional logo designs as fast as they can.

  • Launched in mid Oct 2017
  • Trusted by over 3000 founders worldwide since launch
  • Most popular regions are United States, Canada, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore & Japan.
  • Over 1 million icons from various categories to choose from.
  • Over 800 professional fonts that form a unique style of your brand.

Why Should New Business Founders Use

Becasue getting beautiful logo design is hard and time-consuming.

This is hard because you probably can't do it yourself.

It takes enormous time to learn using graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. As a new business founder, you probably want to outsource this part of the design work to somebody else.

This is time-consuming because you can't easily find a designer who is trustworthy within your budget.

Okay, you have a friend who can help design a logo for your new business. However it might take at least days or weeks to see your logo comes to life. And it might takes another days or weeks to provide feedback and iterate on the same design until it is good enough. And don't forget, you have to pay for your designer's effort no matter you like his/her logo design or not. I hope you like it.

How is better?

1. It is fast.

You need a logo and you need it now. instantly generates logo designs basing on your selected preference. All you need to do is to type in your company’s name and to pick a few references. Then your logo design comes to life.

2. It is easy to use.

Forget about the hassles trying to communicate back and forth with a designer. On, everything is within your control. You can preview logo designs on real world mockup. You will never pay for any design that you don’t want.

3. It is professional. delivers the same logo files that a designer would, including high resolution PNG and JPG files, as well as SVG vector format to use in print design. Users receive full logo ownership after purchase.

How much does it cost?

Getting a logo on is at least 10 times cheaper than hiring a human designer.

It is free to generate logo design from You can generate as many logo design as you can. Users are required to pay only when they have decided which logo design to own.

Create Logo DesignFREEUsers can generate as many logo design as they can.
Basic Logo File PackageUS$20Includes plain JPG & PNG logos with resolution best for web usage.
Premium Logo File PackageUS$65Print level logo quality with dark and white color variations. Vector files for unlimited scalability. Images for social media profile and watermark logo for product photos. Unlimited editing and re-download.

Screenshots & Image assets of

* Download the full image package here (15.8 MB)


logo gradient
logo white



Logos created on

sample logo 1
sample logo 5
sample logo 3
sample logo 6
sample logo 4
sample logo 2
sample logo 7
sample logo 8
sample logo 9

Mockup Images

mockup black card
mockup name card
mockup document set
mockup shirt
mockup paper bag
mockup window

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